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Here you can find important images and information about our products available for download.

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Frequent Questions

Yes, all our products follow the standards in accordance with ABNT’s resolutions. You may request the document directly by e-mail which we will send to you. Inform in the e-mail, if you are a legal entity, your CNPJ (Corporate Taxpayer No.), address and telephone number for contact.

We do not have a specific warranty period for Shiva products, the durability of PVC is 50 years, as long as it is not exposed to bad weather.

The safety data sheet is available here.

Each tube or fitting is made in a different color and is a standard requirement for the purpose of helping the user to identify the use for which a particular part is intended. Below, check the correct use for Shiva pipes and connections installations.

• Brown: for cold drinking water for indoor or outdoor installations in buildings. They are tubes and connections of the weldable line.

• White: for cold potable water in easily relocated outdoor installations (outside the home, such as a garden or backyard). They are tubes and connections of the threadable line.

• Grey-White/Off White: For sewage and rainwater in indoor and outdoor installations.

• Green: for hot drinking water installations.

• Black: to accommodate low voltage electrical wiring. They are Tubes and Connections of threadable and weldable conduit lines.

• Corrugated yellow: flexible conduit to accommodate low voltage electrical wiring. It is recommended to use this product embedded in masonry walls.

• Corrugated orange: reinforced flexible conduit for applications embedded in slabs or floors.