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Weldable and screwable cold waterer hydraulic projects, wastewater installation projects, sanitation, in addition to a list of additional accessories.


Our technological advancements in the industrial segment provide pipelines with resistance, efficiency, agility to the project and are environmentally sustainable.

Quality Policy

Our products are normalized, subject to all obligatory tests – according to the requirements of the Brazilian Regulatory Standards.

ISO 9001

The recognition of Shiva’s efficient quality management is the obtainment of the ISO 9001 certification in the current 2015 BSI version.


Get to know better Shiva Conexões

The brand Shiva was born in 1992 in the city of Xanxerê/SC, manufacturing only molded parts according to the needs of the region’s industries. Throughout the years, we have been strengthening our brand and our production sector with technologies in the field of injection and spin casting.

Since 2008 we are located in the city of Palmas/PR, where we grow and are able to serve entire southern, southeastern and midwestern regions of Brazil.

Shiva aims to cooperate for people’s wellbeing and for the healthy and sustainable development of the society, manufacturing innovative products and with high quality standard.

Now in the year 2021, thinking of bringing our products to other frontiers, we have associated with the InverGroup.

Sadi Marini Junior

Director, CEO

“We are glad and confident for the forthcoming years. This scope of the Inver Group in addition to consolidating us in the entire national territory, will also allow us a fast internationalization of our brand, in a time when we understand that the world needs and will invest more and more each day in basic sanitation to improve the human being’s living conditions.”

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  • To ensure the competitive quality for our business and our customers, by developing solutions in hydraulic systems, focusing on people’s quality of life and allowing socioenvironmental expectations to be overcome.

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  • To be recognized as one of the leading companies of the PVC connection segment, to control constant growth of business volume and to seek new market opportunities.

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  • To be recognized as the best company to work for before our employees, reference of quality for our customers, relationship for our suppliers, and result for our stockholders, by respecting the environment and valuing life.


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Product Catalog

Quality Policy

Our Commitment

Quality in a company is no longer a differential but rather a requirement. Shiva's Quality Policy aims to ensure the supply of products with a quality standard that consistently meets the requirements of our customers and applicable regulations.


Our growth is the result of the credibility acquired in the market over the years. This recognition motivates us to look for innovative technologies, which qualify Shiva in an important way in the market of the plastics segment in our country.

Socioenvironmental Liability

The world evolves at every moment. Respect and balance are essential for the progress and development of business. That is why Shiva also has a commitment to society and the environment.


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  • With production over 75,000 tons per month, the company has a portfolio with about 1000 products, all approved by the certificates of quality of the competent bodies.